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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

comic test...

new comic...

its called For The Win. I know the name isn't great, but its good enough. for now.

I made 2 versions of the first comic, i'm trying to decide which i like better.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Balzer Inc.

Monday, August 15, 2005

stupid music

i think it's the complete fault of death cab that i am upset. their new CD plans is not as good as their old stuff. it just kinda sits there in the background. I don't necesarily want to sing along or even really hear. Its not transatlanticism...

and then I found these other bands which made me feel better. sure, its less fun listening alone and i wish there were a bunch of cool people nearby so i could blast sigur ros and not be alone. but its still good.

bloc party isn't bad either. and nightmare of you is good too. look them up.

waiting for new Brand New....might be waiting a long time.

theres a death cab, stars, and decemberists concert in new york on the 18th. its sold out. and i really wanted to be there...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

more accessable than ever

I've never had a cell phone before. I always treated it like a good thing: no one could call me up where-ever I was. I had a decent excuse not to call home. I didn't have to pay a bunch of money every month. They all seemed like good reasons, but they were really just excuses for why I didn't have one.

Well now I do, and I haven't used it much anyway. I always said the reason I never went out was because I didn't have one. No one could call me to make plans if I was out of the house (not that anyone ever did), and once I was out I had no way to call and report in. All in all, it was an excuse not to have a life.

I haven't really made use of it since I got it (yesterday), and I wish I had a ton of people to call. but I don't. I'm just complaining. whatever.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Weekend Plans

I haven't come back here to see what happened. I'm proud of that. I'm going to connecticon this weekend. I'm volunteering, a lot. I have a meeting tomorrow about it and I have no idea whats up with it, or when I'll have a place to stay or anything, so I hope everything works out well.

It's gonna be so awesome I hope. I gotta pack some crap for it...

more indie music stuff. that seems to be my most recent interest. I'm starting to recognize music, which is a step in the right direction. Soon I might even be able to pick out the songs I like. then I can start crafting the ultimate mixtape. But then I'll find new songs and like them. oh well.

I just got an idea: why do artists still release albums? They can sell one song at a time now, why do they still package their eh songs with their best ones? If I could get free low quality samplers and pick out the tracks I liked and buy hi-qual for 25-50 cents I would. It's worth it, and then I could still hear and know the songs I didn't like, but would only pay for the awesome songs.

i haven't listened to any podcasts in a while. they're great for finding really bleeding edge stuff; a lot of stuff that isn't even pirated yet. The Joys (fromerly Popjoy) and theSTART are 2 good examples (although theSTART has been pirated in the past). neither oink nor indietorrents had heard of them so it was a shame.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Somthing less serious

Sometimes I think I take life to seriously. Like that last post. Wow. None of that stuff matters that much. I just wanna make this my shoutspace for all the cool stuff i find, cause honestly I wouldn't want to read anything else.

So I have an account on Indietorrents. If you have no idea what bit torrent is, then I have lost you already, but anyway, my ratio sucked, so I downloaded a bunch of requests off of soulseek and then made them torrents and uploaded them. So now my ratio is good again, and I got an OiNK invite. which is awesome cause OiNK has so much stuff, and all I need to do is seed some and my account will stay all nicey nice.

so on indietorrents theres a bunch of indie music, which I like more than mainstream because I feel like its more pure and that the artist isn't some recycled conservative prick whos out to make a buck. not all artists are like that, and the ones that aren't don't usually follow the crowd so you end up with some really odd music sometimes.

want an example? check out neutral milk hotel. they're lo-fi, so understand that their crappy recording quality is on purpose. Some of the songs are just nuts, but they can go whatever way they want cause they're indie. Or the new Armor For Sleep CD. awesome cd, but the entire CD is about one theme. its a little boring in that sense, but they can do it, and it still sounds great.

so thats why I like indie, and you can like anything you like and I don't care, just as long as the band rocks and writes their own stuff and the rest of the world doesn't like them just cause they're this weeks thing. you can like the beatles, they're awesome and everybody likes them, but don't like ashlee simpson. please. she sucks.

its kinda like: in 30 years there are gonna be badass classic cars, then there will be the ford expedition or hyundai POS. like the badass car now, and stay away from the stupid car of the moment.

I also think that the underground influences are more important than their mainstream contemporaries. wow I sound like a music nut now. ok, like what you want, and I support your right to choose.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another foolish start

I start these all the time, its just another foolish blog, one that will get me less noticed, less respected, and take away free time. Like right now, i should be sleeping. I leave for italy tomorrow, and I need to get up early, and I'm blogging. At 3:30 AM. What am I thinking?

I'm hoping I do something with this, otherwise I'm just taking up space.